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Bài mẫu :

Đề bài :

Children nowadays spend a great deal of time watching television. However, television cannot replace the book as a learning tool, which is why children are less well‐educated today. To what extent do you agree with this statement?

The multi-selection learning methods have made it a laborious task for parents to provide their children with the best children-educating direction. Some even holds an aversion for watching TV. However, in my opinion, either traditional reading or watching makes a substantial contribution in fostering children’s knowledge. Neither of them can be totally replaced.

Reading books has always been our classic priority due to its sizeable benefits. There are 2 main reasons why reading is irreplaceable. First of all, reading develops a child’s imagination, creativity and the extremely essential character : patience - which is not usually gained by watching TV. Reading books and hearing stories stimulate a child’s imagination through the adventure, characters and illustrations cause they are forced to use critical thinking skills and logic to process what is being read and understand the concepts and ideas contained in the book. Books also introduce children to new ideas, experiences, concepts and behaviours that they may not encounter in their own lives. In addition, following a book from the first page to the end requires time and concentration which make a child become : patient. Last but not least , reading is the time-management tool for parents better than let their offspring watch television. Therefore, children will not engage their time with un useful programs like they can do on TV.

On the second hand, watching television has its own perks to balance the advantages of reading books. First of all, television expresses itself as a wonderful, exciting and attractive source of information. Watching Television can open up a whole new enthralling world of wonders just like books can but even more with the exact and beautiful images, lively sounds and real-life- experiences. Furthermore, TV programmes from all genres : mathematics, languages, biology, geography,.. are launched after a process of a rigorous sponsorship so parents will have no concern about the harmful contents influencing their loved ones. However, watching TV is still blamed to be time-consuming and fruitless. This is not correctly true because the effectiveness of this learning method is based on what children see but not on the time. This happens to both reading and watching – if a child spend time on watching a documentary or reading his favourite novel, no any hour is wasted at all !

In conclusion, these two fill each other’s limitation and together drive to be the indispensable ways of children upbringing. Parents should harmonously manage both reading books and watching TV at the same time to help children with a comprehensive development.

Highlighted Vocab:

Laborious : /ləˈbɔː.ri.əs/ : needing a lot of time and effort: nan giải.

Labrorious task : một nhiệm vụ nan giải, cần nhiều quyết tâm

Aversion : əˈvɜː.ʃən/ : a feeling of strong dislike or of not wishing to do something: ác cảm

Substantial: /səbˈstæn.ʃəl/ : large in size, value, or importance: quan trọng

Substantial contribution : đóng góp to lớn

To foster : /ˈfɒs.tər/ : to encourage the development or growth of ideas or feelings: nuôi dưỡng.

Priority : /praɪˈɒr.ə.ti/ : something that is very important and must be dealt with before other things: sự ưu tiên

Sizeable : /ˈsaɪ.zə.bəl/ : to lớn

Sizeable benefits: những lợi ích to lớn

Irreplaceable : /ˌɪr.ɪˈpleɪ.sə.bəl/ : không thể thay thế

Imagination : /ɪˌmædʒ.ɪˈneɪ.ʃən/ : the ability to form pictures in the mind: trí tưởng tượng.

Stimulate : /ˈstɪm.jə.leɪt/ : to encourage something to grow, develop, or become active: kích thích

Concept : /ˈkɒn.sept/: a principle or idea: quan niệm

Encounter : /ɪnˈkaʊn.tər/ : to meet someone unexpectedly: gặp phải

Offspring : /ˈɒf.sprɪŋ/ : a person's children: con cái

Enthralling : /ɪnˈθrɔː.lɪŋ/ : keeping someone's interest and attention completely: lôi cuốn.

Fruitless : /ˈfrut·ləs/ : unsuccessful or not productive: vô vọng, không có kết quả

Indispensable : /ˌɪn.dɪˈspen.sə.bəl/ : Something or someone that is indispensable is so good or important that you could not manage without it, him, or her: không thể thiếu được.

Comprehensive: /ˌkɒm.prɪˈhen.sɪv/ : complete and including everything that is necessary: toàn diện

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