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EDUCATION là chủ đề khá quen thuộc trong các bài thi IELTS Speaking. Trong bài này, cùng LangGo tham khảo các mẫu câu hỏi và mẫu trả lời cho chủ đề này ở cả 3 phần thi nhé!

IELTS Speaking Part 1,2,3: Chủ đề EDUCATION và mẫu trả lời

A. IELTS Speaking Part 1: EDUCATION

1. What kind of school did you go to as a child?

I have studied in a public school from pre-school till 6th grade. It used to be the most popular and the best elementary school during my time.

2. Did you go to a co-educational school?

Yes, I did. I had good memories in that school. I gained a lot of friends, both boys and girls.

3. What was your favorite subject as a child?

I liked Maths a lot when I was a kid. Solving word problems were very interesting for me. I’d always get high scores in exams.

4. Who was your favorite teacher?

My Maths teacher. He made the lessons fun and exciting by engaging us into different activities related to our topics. Me and my classmates enjoyed the games.

5. Where do you study / Where did you study?

I studied in (name of university). It is located in (name of the city)

6. What’s your university/college like?

It’s one of the best universities in my country. It has a huge campus with approximately 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students of different courses/major.

7. What do you study/did you study in university?

I studied business administration. This course is perfect for a business minded person like me.

8. What is special about this subject?

Basically, it is about management of business operations. It has relevance and social importance since it deals with technology, economy, global competitions and the emerging markets.

B. IELTS Speaking Part 2: EDUCATION

Describe a subject you enjoyed studying at school. (Mô tả môn học bạn yêu thích ở trường)

You should say:

  • When and where you started studying it
  • What lessons were like

  • What made the subject different from other subjects
  • and explain why you enjoyed the subject

Mẫu trả lời:

The subject I’d like to describe is World History. It was a subject taught in highschool. About one hour is allotted everyday to learn about significant historical events. For some of my classmates, it was a boring subject but I enjoyed it a lot.

I remember that our teacher distributed a syllabus on our first meeting which served as a guide on the topics that will be discussed each week. We were assigned to read several books and other reading materials. We talked about famous people, from warriors to philosophers to artists. We discussed the wars that happened in the past. We also talked about religion, traditions and customs of the people during the ancient time.

As a subject, it required us to memorize a lot which was a disadvantage for me and my classmates at that time because it consumed much of our time. Nevertheless, history really intrigues me. I am always curious about how humans lived in the past. I have always been interested to look into how history turned us into the present generation. It fascinates me.

C. IELTS Speaking Part 3: EDUCATION

1. How are education priorities today different from those in the past?

In a fast-changing world we are in today, education priorities have transformed as well. In our current society, education opens more opportunities for a wider skill set that were not offered in the past. For example, colleges and universities have more specific major or courses as compared before. Education has also involved the use of the modern technology such as computers and other gadgets that were not present in the past.

2. Is a good education more important to a boy or a girl? Why?

Good education is important for both boys and girls. Both should be given equal rights to education. In today’s society, women have proven that they can do tasks and get jobs that only men used to have. Women have shown their competency in various fields such as politics, science, sports and etc. Men on the other have also entered some industries that used to be considered as women’s job such as cooking, housekeeping, fashion and etc. I think both sexes must be given equal opportunities.

3. How well do you think schools should prepare young people for working life?

Schools are considered our second home. This is where we learn almost everything, starting from the basic such as reading and writing. Before we turn into adults, this is the place where we get most of our training. Therefore, schools should also be the avenue to prepare us to enter into another chapter – the working life. Schools must extend its training by educating and guiding the young people to their future career.

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