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Hôm nay chúng ta sẽ cùng học IELTS Speaking part I chủ đề Parks and Trees Parks qua những bài mẫu band 8.0 nhé !

Parks and Trees Parks

  1. Do you like going to parks and/or public gardens?

I have to say I have a really strong liking for public green spaces such as parks and gardens. I believe that, when it comes to stress relief, nothing can beat hanging around in the park. I am a great fan of the color green, so being able to wander among the various shades of tree leaves appears to be the optimal way for me to wind down. What’s more, looking at children having fun or people exercising and relaxing also cheers me up. That is the reason why I always treat myself to a visit to the park as a compensation for my heavy workload.

2. When was the last time you went to a park?

It is just about a week since I last paid a visit to the park. It was indeed a heart-warming experience for me as we had a family gathering there. We had a small picnic under the shade of an old tree, and the best thing about it was that everyone in the family was there. My father had never found the time to play with me as he had always been busy, so I’ve got to make the most of the time we are now able to spend together. That morning was really memorable, and I wished it could have lasted forever. I had never had so much fun.

3. Do you think the parks and the gardens where you live could be improved in any way?

I love my local park, but it doesn’t mean that there is noroom for improvement. What bothers me most is the water pollution in the park’s lake. The water is turning greenish black and floating dead fish appear every now and then. For me, parks are supposed to provide citizens with a clean atmosphere to enjoy, so it is quite devastating to witness how environmental degradation has reached into the greenest place of the city. Personally, I hold the local park-goers accountable forthrowing litter into the lake and contaminating the water. I believe that a policy of zero tolerance towards the act of littering the lake would be effective and alleviate the environmental problems facing the park authorities.

4. Would you like to see more parks and gardens in your home town?

I would definitely treasure the chance to witness the establishment of more and more green spaces in my city. My hometown is a highly industrial area with factories and skyscrapers everywhere, so I value the increase in the number of parks and gardens as more available breathing space away from the hustle and bustle of the concrete junglethat is my city. Air pollution from factories is another pressing issue, and the abundance of trees provided by parks contribute to enhancing the air quality. Parks and gardens also beautify the city’s image, as they add colors to the view with trees and flowers. I dislike simplicity, so the monotonous picture of a dull, greyish city of buildings is definitely not my cup of tea.

5. Do you prefer to relax with your friends in a park or an indoor space?

Although I enjoy going to parks, my preference would be to gather with friends indoors. Parks are a lovely place to exercise or to picnic, but they are often too noisy and dynamic for an intimate talk with buddies. I would rather go to a café or bookshop where I can enjoy peaceand quiet while concentrating on my friends’ stories and sharing our confidences. Another factor that puts me off gathering with friends in parks is the extremes of our weather. When the temperature hits rock bottom at 9 degree or climbs to the top of the ladder at 38 degrees in the height of summer, meeting up in parks is uncomfortable and unthinkable.


Từ vựng trong chủ đề Environment

  1. to hold sbdy accountable for + noun/gerund (expression): to consider someone responsible for something; to blame something on someone

Nghĩa: coi ai đó có trách nhiệm cho cái gì/ đổ lỗi cho ai về chuyện gì đó

Example: Companies which discharge chemical waste from their factories into the sea or into rivers must be held accountable for their actions and be fined heavily.

  1. to alleviate environmental problems (expression): to make bad environmental problems less severe

Nghĩa: Khiến các vấn đề về môi trường đỡ nghiêm trọng hơn

Example: Everyone can assist in the effort to alleviate environmental problems in the local community through simple actions such as recycling waste or planting a tree in their garden.

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