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Luyện thi IELTS Grammar: Các thì tương lai (Future tenses) (Phần 1)

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Điền vào các khoảng trống theo mẫu với các cụm từ trong hộp.

Thanks to modern technology, there have been enormous changes in the workplace over the past 100 years.

What are the most significant changes that have occurred and what changes do you foresee in the next 100 years?

are going to feel             are going to happen           are likely to lead to

are likely to occur          are predicted to work          is likely to become

will be                              will continue                         will develop

will find                            will have                                will result

...So now let us consider the changes that are likely to occur in the next 100 years Unfortunately.I believe that not all changes  for the better. For example, in the future more and more people  from home and so they  more isolated from their colleagues. On the other hand, they  (certainly) greater freedom to choose their working hours.

A further possible change is that handwriting  obsolete. We are already so used to using a keyboard that today's children are losing the ability to spell without the aid of a word processor.

Without a doubt, even greater changes in technology used in the workplace. Computers (undoubtedly) to grow even more powerful and this (probably) in an even faster pace of life than we have now. Let us hope that our employers a way to reduce the stress on workers this fast pace can bring.

I also think these improvements in technology even more globalisation than now and companies very strong international links.

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