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Luyện thi IELTS Grammar: Các thì tương lai (Future tenses) (Phần 1)

Hiện tại tiếp diễn, will or going to?

Thời gian

Chọn hình thức phù hợp nhất của các động từ.

Dear Paul and Claire,

We're haying a wonderful time here in France. The weather is beautiful ana we've got lots of plans for how to spend next couple of weeks. Tomorrow  on a glass-bottom boat to look at the wonderful sea life, and then on Wednesday we think  a tour of old town. Ollie's aunt lives quite close, so  her too if we have time.

The hotel is lovely and lively and has lots of good night life. Tonight  an international evening, with lots of food from different countries.

As you know, we're here with our friends, John and Wendy, but  as long as us, so  the really 'touristy' things with them, and be lazy in our second week. You can hire small sailing boats for the day, so we think  that next week, and  to have time to do some shopping!

I hope you are ready for your big trip.  Australia. In face  staying there much longer than you've planned.

Have a. great time, and  you when you get back.

Love Kath and Ollie

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