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Chủ đề make up có vẻ thông dụng hơn với các bạn nữ hơn nhưng điều đó không có nghĩa các giám khảo sẽ không hỏi các thí sinh nam đâu nhé. Trong bài này, cùng LangGo tham khảo cách trả lời IELTS Speaking Part 1: Chủ đề MAKEUP band điểm 9 ngay thôi!

IELTS Speaking Part 1: Chủ đề MAKEUP và mẫu trả lời band 9

Do you often wear makeup?

Yes, almost everyday. If I’m just bumming (relaxing) around the house, I don’t bother putting make-up on. However, I have a very professional job, so I always put on my best attire (clothes) and make-up when I go to work. If I go without make-up, I feel sloppy (messy) and unprofessional. I also like to wear make up when I go out, just so I feel more confident with my appearance.

What does wearing makeup mean to you?

To me, it’s a way of taking pride in (be proud of) my appearance. It makes me feel like the best version of myself. Furthermore, I’m artistic, so I see my face like a canvas (a picture painted with oil paints on canvas or other cloth)

Do you give makeup as a gift?

Sometimes, but I’m always hesitant, as I don’t always know the right shade of make-up to buy for another person. If someone requests make-up, I would certainly buy it for them. However, I would feel too nervous to pick it out myself, so I would opt for buying a gift card instead.

What do you think when you see a man wearing makeup?

Nothing in particular. Everyone has the right to express themselves, so who am I to judge? I wouldn’t even blink an eye if a guy walked by me wearing make-up. Actually, I often see it in my city, so I’m quite used to it.


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