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Luyện thi IELTS Grammar: Khả năng dựa trên điều kiện (Likelihood based on conditions) (Phần 1)

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Quyết định xem các động từ được gạch chân có đúng hay không. Đánh dấu nếu chúng đúng và sửa chúng nếu chúng sai.

Teacher: Is it better to have one special friend or lots of good ones?

Student: I think that if you have lots of friends, you 1 will be lucky. However, I feel that everyone should have someone special. If you 2 won't have a special friend, you won't have someone to talk to at difficult times in your life.

Teacher: When do people make most friends?

Student: Well, everyone makes friends when they are at school. If you 3 are in an environment where everyone is your own age, you 4 would probably make friends.

Teacher: Do you think that friends need to be similar ages?

Student: Well, generally friends from school are similar ages. But when you 5 started work, for example, you meet people of different ages. If you get on well with someone and you 6 will have a lot in common, then age 7 won't be important.

Teacher: Do people need to have things in common to be friends?

Student: Well, yes. If you 8 like the same things, you will probably get on well. But having said that, I have a very good friend who is completely different from me. She loves sport and I hate it. If you asked me why we were friends, I 9 am not able to say! Maybe it's just chance — if you are in a certain place at a certain time you 10 become friends, but if you 11 will meet the same person at a different time in a different place it 12 didn't happen.

Teacher: What different roles do friends play in people's lives?

Student: Well, your friends are the people you choose to be with. And if you 13 will need help, you often turn to your friends. It works the other way too. When your friends need you, you 14 will help them.

1. are lucky














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