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Luyện thi IELTS Grammar: Khả năng dựa trên điều kiện (Likelihood based on conditions) (Phần 1)

Bài 1

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Nối các phần bắt đầu và phần kết thúc của những câu này.

1. If I win the competition, 1. c a. we'll give you the job.
2. If you boil milk,  2.   b. if you don't get accepted at Macquarie University?
3 What will you do  3. c. I'll take you somewhere nice to celebrate.
4. What happens to the engine  4. d. if you put diesel fuel into a petrol-driven car?
5. If I get all my work done in time,  5. e. it forms a skin on the top.
6. I might buy a new laptop computer  6. f I'll be home by six o'clock tonight.
7. If you agree to enroll in the diploma course,  7. g. you won't be able to open the cupboard.
8. If you put the sofa there,  8. h. if my boss allows me to work from home sometimes.
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