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Luyện thi IELTS Grammar: Các phương thức, cách thức (Modals) (Phần 1)

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Đọc bài luận sau. Tìm bảy vị trí mà bạn có thể thêm may, can hoặc can't  để làm các động từ trở nên hẹ nhàng hơn.

'Children can be adversely affected by the influence of television.'

To what extent do you agree with this statement? Give reasons for your answer.

Almost every family has a television these days, and many children watch a whole range of programmes every day. Some people believe that television is 1 ✓ (can be) harmful to children, saying that it influences behaviour in a negative way.

There are a lot of programmes on television that are not educational and that contain violence and bad language. However, watching violence on television encourages violent behaviour in children. This is true in cases of children who have already exhibited violent tendencies, but it isn't true of all children, otherwise we would have an epidemic of child crime. It is also argued that bad language on television encourages the same in children.   

Nevertheless. overall I believe that restricting children's television viewing to mainly educational programmes shown af a time of day when there is no violence or bad language will overcome any risks of television being a bad influence.

1. it -> can be 







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