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Luyện thi IELTS Grammar: Các phương thức, cách thức (Modals) (Phần 1)

Bài 1

Thời gian

Chọn những từ phù hợp nhất. Một số tùy chọn cả hai đều có thể.

1. He's a concert pianist and he  can / manages to play all Beethoven's sonatas.

2. When I lived in a small town I was able to / could walk almost everywhere, but now I live in the capital city I need a car.

3. They worked all night and  could / managed to finish the report just in time.

4. The protestors  didn't manage to / couldn't persuade the president to change the law.

5. Next year she  can / is be able to join the club, but she's not old enough yet.

6. In my country it  can / is able to get very cold in the winter.

7. I was nearly late as the bus didn't come, but luckily I  could / managed to get a taxi.

8. I hope that I  will be able to / will manage to do some sightseeing when I'm in New York next week on business, but I've got a busy schedule.

9. She didn't get good enough grades to go to her first choice of university but she could / was able to get a place at another one.

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