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Tự học IELTS Grammar: Verb + verb patterns

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Điền vào chỗ trống để hoàn thành bức thư bằng cách sử dụng cả 2 động từ ở trong ngoặc.


Dear Sir,

I am writing to complain about the service I received in your hotel at the weekend. I arrived at your hotel at lunchtime on Friday and your receptionist told me to take (tell / me / take) a seat while she dealt with some other customers. I  (not feel like / wait) after a long journey but I sat down anyway. However, after your receptionist  (finish / talk) to the other customers she walked away and left no one behind the desk. After about ten minutes, I rang the bell, but still no one came. I  (try / find) someone else to help me, and when I  (fail / do) this I went behind the desk and called through the door. The receptionist was sitting in the back room at the computer. When she  (see / me / stand) in the doorway, she apologized and said she  (need / send) an urgent email and (carry on / look) at her screen.

If this had been the only poor service I received during my stay, I would not  (bother / write) this letter. However, later that evening, in the dining room, I had another bad experience. Your menu only had one vegetarian dish, so I ordered this. Imagine my horror when I  (start / eat) and discovered meat in the dish. I  (consider / leave) immediately, but instead I explained the situation to the waiter. I (expect / him / get) me another vegetarian meal, but instead he simply shrugged his shoulders, removed the plate and walked away.

I (hope / receive) a full apology from you for this poor service and some recompense for the unpleasant time I experienced whilst staying in your hotel. I  (advise / you / give) your staff some customer care training in the immediate future.

Yours faithfully,

Geraint Rees

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