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Tự học IELTS Grammar: Verb + verb patterns

Bài 3

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Quyết định xem các phần được gạch chân có chính xác hay không. Đánh dấu (✓) nếu chúng đúng và sửa chúng nếu chúng sai.

Teacher: What impact do you feel a good learning experience at school can have on people in terms of future learning?

Student: Oh, well, obviously, having a good experience as a student will 1 allow you feel positive about learning in general. If you've had supportive teachers at school who 2 encouraged you to work hard, you are more likely 3 to go on to be conscientious in your university studies.

Teacher: Can you give me an example?

Student: Well, with my art classes, my teacher was so supportive that I 4 tried very hard pleasing her. However, I have had other teachers who 5 have made me to feel useless, and that 6 made me wanting to give up.

Teacher: How can teachers ensure that their students have a positive learning experience?

Student: I think teachers 7 need to be interested in their students. If they aren't interested, their students 8 will stop to make an effort. Also, if students 9 enjoy being in class, they are more likely to learn. Students 10 don't mind to work hard if they like what they are doing. So teachers should 11 try to make their classes stimulating.

Teacher: Do you think that the curriculum in schools allows teachers to be creative and make their lessons interesting?

Student: Yes, in my country teachers must follow a curriculum, but the government 12 doesn't force them teach in a certain way. That means that teachers can 13 decide to teach the topic however they like. So, teachers can still be creative and 14 let their students deciding how they learn.

1. allow you to feel

2. ✓ 














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