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Luyện thi IELTS Grammar: Các thì hiện tại hoàn thành (Present Perfect Simple and Continuous)

General Training Writing Task 1

Thời gian

Bạn nên dành khoảng 20 phút cho nhiệm vụ này.

You have seen an advertisement for a weekend job as a local tour guide showing visitors around your city.

Write a letter of application to the tourism office. In the letter

  • give your reasons for wanting the job

  • explain why you think you can do the job

  • describe any relevant experience you have

Write at least 150 words.

You do NOT need to write any addresses.

Begin your letter as follows:

Dear Sir or Madam,

Test tip: Read the question carefully. Make sure you include all the information required in your letter and make sure you stick to the time limit. Do not write any addresses.

Thời gian làm bài: 25 phút

Tối thiểu: 150 từ

Tối đa: không giới hạn

Lưu ý, khi hết thời gian làm bài, hệ thống sẽ tự động đóng bài làm!

Số từ: 150/0

Bài mẫu

Dear Sir or Madam.

I am writing to apply for the post of tour guide advertised on your website. I believe I fulfil all the necessary criteria, and very much hope that you will consider my application.

I have lived in this town all my life, and therefore know all about the places of interest and their history. I have visited the castle and the cathedral many times and I have read mang guide books full of interesting historical facts. I therefore feel that I am in a good position to lead visitors around these sites. I have always been interested in history and over the past few years I have regularly participated in activities at the castle and at other sites.

Recently I have been working as a receptionist at a local hotel in the evenings, so I have experience of dealing with overseas visitors, and I enjoy talking to them.

I do hope you will consider me for this post and I look forward fo hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

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