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IELTS grammar: Bài Tập V + V-ing hay V + to V

2. Bài tập V + V-ing và V + to V

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Exercise 1: Chia động từ to V hoặc V-ing

(Essential grammar in use Elementary bài 51.1 trang 111)

  1. I enjoy dancing .
  2. What do you want to do tonight?
  3. Goodbye! I hope you again soon.
  4. I learnt when I was five years old.
  5. Have you finished the kitchen?
  6. I’m tired. I want to bed.
  7. Do you enjoy other countries.
  8. The weather was nice, so I suggested for a walk by the river.
  9. Where’s Bill? He promised here on time.
  10. I’m not in a hurry. I don’t mind .
  11. What have you decided ?
  12. Geogre was very angry and refused to me.
  13. Where’s Ann? I need her something.
  14. I was very upset and started .
  15. I’m trying . Please stop .

Exercise 2: Hoàn thành câu dùng to V hoặc V-ing. Sử dụng một trong các động từ bên dưới:

Go, help, live, lose, rain, read, see, send, take, wait, walk, watch

(Essential grammar in use Elementary bài 51.2 trang 111)

  1. I like London but I wouldn’t like to live there.
  2. I like taking  photographs when I’m on holiday.
  3. Linda has a lot of books. She enjoys .
  4. I’m surprised that you’re here. I didn’t expect you.
  5. Don’t forget us a postcard when you’re on holiday.
  6. “Shall we get a taxi to the cinema?”   “If you like, but it isn’t fat. I don’t mind .”
  7. This ring is very beautiful. I’d hate it.
  8. Julia had a lot to do, so I offered her.
  9. What shall we do this afternoon? Would you like to the beach?
  10. When I’m tired in the evenings, I like television.
  11. “Shall we go now?”   “No, I’d prefer a few minutes.”
  12. I’m not going out until it stops .

Exercise 3: Trả lời các câu hỏi.

(Essential grammar in use Elementary bài 51.3 trang 111)

  1. Do you usually get up early? Yes, I like getting up early.
  2. Do you ever go to museums? Yes, I love .
  3. Do you often write letters? No, I don’t like .
  4. Have you ever been to New York? No, but I’d love one day.
  5. Do you often travel by train? Yes, I enjoy .
  6. Shall we eat at home or go to a restaurant? I don’t mind a  restaurant but I’d prefer home.

Exercise 4: Hoàn thành câu sử dụng các động từ bên dưới. Thêm to + V nếu cần thiết, một số trường hợp chỉ giữ V-infinitive

(Essential grammar in use Elementary bài 52.3 trang 113)

Arrive, borrow, get, go, go, make, repeat, tell, think, wait

  1. Please stay here. I don’t want you to go.
  2. I didn’t hear what she said, so I asked her it.
  3. “Shall we begin?”   “No, let’s a few minutes.”
  4. Are they already here? I expected them much later.
  5. Kevin’s parents didn’t want him married.
  6. I want to stay here. You can’t make me with you.
  7. “Is that your bicycle?”   “No, it’s John’s. He let me it.”
  8. Mary can’t come to the party. She told me you.
  9. Would you like a drink? Would you like me some coffee?
  10. “Ann doesn’t like me.” “What makes you that?”


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